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In the beginning of the new year, we had an interview with Dr. Mohammad Mazaheri as the respected CEO of the company on working horizon of 2016. Below is the summary of this discussion:

What is your opinion on the most important mission of this company in 2016?
To answer this question, I want to ask what will be our biggest challenge in 2016?  Are market strategies and its goals and projects as our most important challenge?
I think the biggest challenge is not this. Our most important challenges is paying attention to the organization capitals and boosting them.

Everything in our company starts with people, their thoughts and actions. I want to say that our capital is to work conscientiously and wholeheartedly. How can we be so?
In my case, I think I must love the work, organization and all of it. This helps me a lot to make all my effort to be successful.

What you mean by success?
Yes, good question. When I say success, it is better to define it.

In my view, success of an organization and a business means achievement of the organization to its planned economic efficiency; besides, everyone should be happy with the existence of such an organization. This means that we, our customers, and even the society, if possible, should be happy with our existence. But how is this possible? I think if we define our work in line with a useful and high-quality service and implement it, then all of society, including ourselves, will be happy at heart and will be proud of the work we do. One or two points of it are ourselves and the customers which are very important in my view. Imagine that we do something which has a good effect on people’s lives. Won’t we enjoy spending time and working and feel pleasure and pride? But we must remember that this is planned alongside the planned economic efficiency of the organization.
This is also true about people. Every individual should have his own planned economic efficiency and everyone should be satisfied with it. Meaning that it should be useful for his/her team, organization, society, and family.

You were talking about company assets and the challenges of this year?

Regarding our assets and challenges of this year, loving our work and making our best effort is necessary, but not sufficient. Loyal, dedicated people need to be professional. By “professional”, I mean a set of behaviors and abilities which are the organizational capitals.
First of all, discipline and attention to culture are considered as important which means having a discipline for personal to organizational affairs and paying attention to them in our detailed behaviors, paying attention to everything even life and family. This process should become a culture and is a timeless and infinite way. We cannot say success is repeatable without being in a framework of discipline.

Like a football team that works based on a program and discipline and can repeat its results, we must also be able to repeat our good results and this is not possible without the culture of discipline and planning. There is a famous comment which says “orderly people do not need to be managed.” We need to manage the system and not human beings, and of course, this is not my comment and is very challenging and enjoyable. In organizations like ours, lack of planning and discipline strongly leads to prolonged period of working capital and increased prime cost, which must be discussed later. When we speak of our capitals, I believe that we should delegate responsibilities to local partners and even our youth in the organization (I myself am also in the youth group!) Because I see them enthusiastic and energetic and human development itself is a pleasure. Of course, the prerequisite of this attitude is clear and that is preparing ourselves for well performance of responsibilities. That is the professionalism and competencies dimension. This is a major challenge for our organization. Most of our managers and directors and administrators are young and of course interested.
We must have a plan and they should have a plan themselves too. We may also say that this is itself an opportunity to a growing organization because the young are often more adventurous.  If we see a good partner, we make our best to hire him/ her. But experience, internal records, and their efforts and loyalty are very important to us. Perhaps all of us should be aware of this challenge to work on it.

In fact, if you ask me “what is the most important thing in our organization? “, I will say as I have always said: “Right person at right position.”

In this case, I’m not too worried about the goals and strategies. Like a very good football team that can execute the tactics of any game (I bring such football examples for Mr. Talebi because our football is now cancelled).
In my opinion, other challenges of our organization assets are our teamwork and empathy to be successful.  Disputing and arguing on an issue are good and meaningful until making the decision. But when the decision is made, we must make our unanimous effort for doing it in harmony. This is an important asset in the organization. I think we need to practice learning in this field. We must all run together to achieve our goal.

There is the professional characteristic of respecting each other in this subject.

Is there anything else about the professional organization and professionalizing assets of the organization?

This matter is continuous and constant and we always deal with it. I would like to discuss two other issues.First, I don’t like our organization to become hierarchical because it gives me a sense of old organization. When we talk about bureaucracy and red tape, I mean its redundant aspects. However, one of the basics of creating techno is organizational agility. We need to stipulate laws and regulations to prevent falling in the trap of redundant paperwork. Accordingly, we can maintain our organization dynamism and flexibility besides knowledge of regulations.
According to some management sources, challenge of responsibilities is more than challenge of authority in organizations in the growth period. Usually, bad or good, authority is mainly concentrated but the challenge is in the area of responsibilities. In my idea, we must avoid redundant bureaucracy and hierarchical structure of the organization by formulating laws and regulations.
Another consideration is that co-workers, especially managers and supervisors are directly responsible for economic efficiency and return on investment of the organization. We must consider the activities of organization through an income-cost view and be aware of the time we should willingly invest and the time we must work more efficiently.

I think it should be fitted in our professional culture and wherever we see a waste of resources, we must show sensitivity, think about it and offer our suggestions. I would like to say that we take risks in organizational projects and businesses and we are not afraid of it. The culture of paying attention to organizational profits and consequently our profits is a very valuable asset.

What is our keyword in 2016?

We have a ruler to measure ourselves and that is the customer. Based on the customer feedback, I say that we shall move towards professionalism this year.

Thank you for the opportunity you gave us.