GRGBANKING GLOBAL CUSTOMER EXCHANGE 2016 (GCE 2016) was held in Guangzhou, China, in November 2016. GCE is a platform for GRG global customers and partners to meet together, to know each other and to exchange ideas and experience.

Last year, In November 2015, more than 150 banking experts and professionals discussed about the transformation of bank branch and opportunities to branch transformation brought by innovative technology.

In November 2016, discussion on banking transformation and focus on how to bring better service experience to customers was the main objective of talks.

Also, in 2016 GRGBanking Awards Ceremony, TOSAN Techno was introdused as a Golden Partner of GRGBanking. GRGBanking hailed TOSAN Techno with this words: “The most innovative and aggressive partner. Focus on promoting new solutions of GRGBanking and has deployed the largest networks of GRG VTM and GRG BCR P5800 in Iran market.”