In 02-03 Jan 2017, 6th Annual Conference on E-Banking and Payment Systems (EBPS6) was held at International Conference Center of Milad Tower in Tehran.

TOSAN Techno participated in the contents section. Dr. Mohammad Mazaheri, CEO & Chairman at TOSAN Techno, in the panel of «Banking Industry in the Modern Communications Century» said:

Three factors makes move to Digital Banking slowly:

1. Many banking executive managers don’t have courage to move to Digital Banking yet.

2. Banks income is not from services, if it was, banks were developing new services.

3. There is a gap between central bank and private companies that makes innovation mechanism hardly.

Dr. Mazaheri also said: «Now, %10 of banking transactions occurs within the branch. So, where is %90 of transactions? We must do data mining to find it. Todays, banks are full of data. Digital Banking is a war for data. Iranian banks don’t allocate enough budget for data mining.»