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In 16-18 Feb 2017, the 2nd Software Development Marathon (TOSANBOOM) based on banking services full access to e-banking services will be held at TOSAN building, Pardis Technology Park. TOSANBOOM is an Innovation Challenge for all peoples interested in programming on banking services in IRAN.

This event is an important competition for startups and other programming teams for challenging themeselves. During this marathon, many young programmers try to develop new banking services via access to e-banking services that has shared by TOSAN company.

We have held a workshop in this event for A920 product. During workshop, programmers knew about A920 capabilities, features and technical issues and some applications that has developed on this products.

TOSAN Techno has a call for application development on A920 in IRAN. Call for application development on A920 product is an oppurtunity for fintech teams and other companies that promotes themeselves. Fore more information please send an email to: marketing@tosantechno.com