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TOSAN TECHNO achieved #177 among top 500 Iranian companies

by | Feb 14, 2021 | News | 0 comments

The gathering of top Iranian companies known as IMI-100 was held on Sunday, February 14th at the International Conference Center of IRIB.


This gathering is held by the Industrial Management Organization with the aim of introducing Iran’s top businesses. Industrial Management Organization evaluates and gives Iranian companies a rank based on indicators such as “highest sales rank”, “highest rank growth”, “highest sales growth”, “highest value-added”, “most assets”, “most employment”, “most profitability”, “highest sales returns”, “highest exports”, “highest market value” and some other indicators such as “total factors productivity” every year.


This year, with the evaluation of the companies based on data of the fiscal year 2019, this organization for the 23rd consecutive year has introduced top Iranian companies in terms of sales/ revenue. According to the new ranking list, TOSAN TECHNO achieved #177 among the top 500 Iranian companies in the fiscal year 2019.


Previously, TOSAN TECHNO was ranked #202 in the list of the top 500 Iranian companies for the fiscal year 2018, and in the new evaluation for the fiscal year 2019, it was able to experience 25 steps in terms of sales/ revenue growth.


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