In the 7th Annual Electronic Banking and Payment Systems Conference, besides being one of the most active and dynamic participants in the exhibition, TOSAN Group Managers and associates held 13 lectures, specialized meetings, workshops, and product introductions.

Brett King, the futurist, and author of international best selling books who was invited to attend the event by TOSAN Group also had lectures on different topics such as the trends of banking in the world and his new upcoming book, Bank 4.0. He unveiled his books at TOSAN Group’s venue this year.

Furthermore, The latest services and products of the TOSAN Group have displayed in the BOOM MARKET pavilion in the TOSAN group another stand. The closing ceremony of the 7th Annual Electronic Banking and Payment Systems Conference was held in the main hall of the Milad Tower Conferences Center.

In this closing ceremony, the Open Banking Platform (TSB+) has been awarded as the BEST PRODUCT and TOSAN Group’s stand has been awarded as the BEST STAND of the event.

Dr. Mohammad Mazaheri

Digital Banking

Elham Arefnia

Alireza Ghodrati

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EBPS7 - TOSAN Group 02

EBPS7 - TOSAN Group - Brett King

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