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About Us


TOSAN TECHNO is the provider of total banking and payment solutions in the country which has invested on Fintechs such as the “SHOPP” and “MONEYTECH”.

Digital Transformation has been institutionalized in the mindset of TOSAN TECHNO experts. With a concentration on the Branch Transformation, this company pave the way for banks on their digitalization journey.

Development of innovative solutions with the purpose of making new digital technologies practical for people and investment for promoting AI applications in the solutions are major plans of this company.

  • Providing virtual banking services based on video in the VTM channel and Mobile channel
  • Providing total solutions of ATM Recyclers with more than 90 percent of market share
  • Providing special and distinctive services to banks and PSPs



Pioneer in forming a pleasant experience for people in digital society



We make new technologies more practical to develop digital society.


Core Values:

Change Seeking: With creativity and innovation, we constantly look for change and improvement in every aspect of works and products.

On Time Result: We attempt to reach the anticipated and favored result in everything that we do.

Acuity and Intelligence: We identify and analyze the change indicators and react to them in a timely manner.

Precision: We endeavor to consider all details and aspects and offer thorough solutions.

Reliability: We respect our commitments and prove to be trust-worthy.

Collective Thinking: In decision-making, we give higher priority to collective thinking and group profit over individuality.